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Service Description

We can allocate a period of time every week for the carers to come in and maintain your household. This can include things such as vacuuming, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, tidying away any messes, hanging out any washing to dry, and keeping all surfaces clear. We will utilise whichever products and equipment you have in your home; if you run out of cleaning spray, or your vacuum cleaner breaks down, our office team will be made aware immediately – and then follow this through to get it sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a domestic call has been agreed, our care plans will be updated to include this information. Carers will be able to read it and become fully aware of what is expected of them during this call.

We will arrange an initial time slot for the carers to attend in each week, so that you know when to expect them. If for any reason you want this changed, just let the office know in advance, and we can have it moved to a different time/day. We are also able to change/cancel calls on a one-off basis - simply give us a ring and let us know!

If for any reason you wish to cancel a call, you can do so simply by calling the office and letting us know.