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Service Description

When it comes to grocery shopping, we understand how important it is for your shopping to not only be bought fresh, but also put away correctly. Our carers will start by sitting with you and making a shopping list, so that they know exactly what to get and you are aware of what they will be buying. They will then visit the supermarket and purchase all the items, and bring them back to your home. The carer will also ensure everything is neatly packed away into the fridge and cupboards, and that any old/expired food is discarded with your permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

The carers will typically visit the closest supermarket to your home, which is likely to have all of your necessities - it may even be the one which you frequent yourself!

The carers may ask you for a shopping card, or cash, which they can use to pay for the groceries. If you are under a home organisation or financial institution, we will liaise with them to ensure your shopping is paid for.

If your cupboards are already stocked for the week with fresh food, you may cancel the shopping call either ahead of time or upon arrival. If you urgently need something before your next shopping call, the carers can grab a few bits for you at any time.